Sacred Medicine Retreat

January 28th - 3rd February 2024


Dive deep towards your inner self

Join Pam, Ivan and the family for this truly unforgettable week-long retreat, where we take you on both internal and external journies of exploration. Working with the sacred plants, together we will reconnect with your true self and inner joy.


Pamela Dharani & Ivan Jagdish


One Breath of Yoga


$2000 USD


28th January - 3rd February 2024


Pamela Dharani & Ivan Jagdish


One Breath of Yoga


$1800 USD


25th September - 1st October


Ayahuasca ceremonies x2 (night & and day)
Kambo ceremony
Bufo Alvarius ceremony
Temazcal ceremony
Cacao ceremony

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Activities & Tours

Sound healing
Pyramids tour & cenote excursion
Integration talks
Additional therapies: Massage, Reiki, Biomagnetism & Acupuncture

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Example Schedule

We have structured this retreat in a way that takes you step-by-step deeper working with the medicines each day, while at the same time leaving space for integration and time for yourself. Take a look at the schedule to see each day in detail.

Day 1

5:00pm - Introduction
6:30pm - Dinner

Day 2

8:00am - Yoga
9:30am - Breakfast
11:00am - Beach tour
2:00pm - Lunch cachito
6:00pm - Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 3

9:30am - Breakfast
10:30am - Integration talk
11:30am - Temazcal
2:30pm - Lunch
5:00pm - Breathwork and sound healing
7:00pm - Dinner

Day 4

8:00am - Kambo Ceremony
10:00am - Breakfast
11:00am - Cenote excursion & Pueblo Maya
7:00pm - Dinner

Day 5

8:00am - Yoga
9:00am - Light breakfast
12:00am - Ayahuasca Ceremony (day time)

Day 6

8:00am - Breakfast
9:00am - Integration talk
11:00am - Bufo ceremony
2:00pm - Lunch
5:00pm - Cacao ceremony
7:00pm - Dinner at the center

Day 7

9:00am - Breakfast
10:00am - Integration
11:00am - Departure

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What makes this retreat special?

We offer many different sacred ceremonies, yoga, therapies and tours guided by highly experienced facilitators and shamanic guides. The retreat is aimed to help people in their process of transformation, healing and self-realization. Guests get the opportunity to work closely with Pam and Ivan to dive deep into their inner work and reconnection with their true self.

Bespoke retreats

Looking for something different?

If you like what we do but are interested in packaging it in a different way then we are willing to work with you to fit your vision. We can create bespoke retreats depending on what you’re looking for. Feel free to contact us and start a conversation. We are here to listen!